King Crabs Fresh organic catch from Norway

The ultimate taste experience

In the crystal clear waters of Norway, among the 68° latitude you will find the king crabs habitat.

The fresh organic king crabs flesh is tender and juicy and is known as a delicacy: it tastes sweet and savoury at the same time - a feast for your senses.

The meat melts in your mouth and is pretty simple to prepare: whether it's boiled, fried or grilled - it's an unique treat which can be served warm or cold.
Once you've tried it, you'll quickly get a taste for it.

The strict regulations on fisheries in Norway and our handpicked selection ensures the outstanding quality of our king crabs. The crabs meat is rich in protein and contains many valuable nutrients.

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  • King Crab
  • King Crab

    From the Norwegian fjords to your dinner.

    The king crab is caught in the fjords of northern Norway. In Finnmark and all the way down to the North Cape, fishing is regulated by strict quotas. Only licensed fishermen are allowed to catch the majestic king crab which claws has two different sizes.

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    Royal enjoyment.
    Versatile preparation.

    • king crab ceviche
    • king crab pasta
    • grilled king crab

      Among gourmets and top gastronomy the king crab has a legendary reputation because of its incomparable taste: the tender, white meat melts on your tongue - an experience out of this world! The king crab also has a versatility in preparation – from simple to sophisticated.

      With transparency and fairness right down to your plate.

      We love enjoyment and healthy food. But for us tasty is not enough - a fair and transparent trade is just as important to us. We´re only collaborating with Norwegian producers and suppliers whom we have personally selected and whose quality we value.

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      Enjoy an incomparable taste experience.

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