The king crab - the most exclusive catch in Norway

The main fishing area is located in the far north of Norway, in the north of the arctic circle. The animals are looking for the cold that prevails here almost all year round. Around 50 years ago the king crab immigrated from the Russian Barents Sea to Norway and found its habitat in Finnmark. A king crab can weigh up to eight kilograms with a span up to two meters. The king crab owes its name to its claws. They are of different sizes and the larger claw – which looks like a scepter – is used by the crab to break open their prey.

Kingcrab catch
Kingcrab catch Kingcrab catch

Sustainable fishing

In order to secure the king crabs population the norwegian fishing industry has issued strict regulations: only males with a specific shell diameter are allowed to be caught. Additionally there are explicit quotas that are adjusted yearly according to the existing population.

Fishing the king crabs takes place all over the year but only licensed fishermen are allowed to catch the king crab. The fishermen use special baskets in which the crabs are caught alive. The fleet consists of small coastal vessels that only cover short distances between the fishing areas in the fjords and along the coastal areas to the harbours.

The king crab and its nutritional values

The king crab meat is tender and juicy and is eaten from the legs and scissors. The nutritional values of the crab meat support a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is rich in protein, vitamin A and vitamin B12, riboflavin, selenium, antioxidants and minerals like iron, selenium and iodine.

What does the supply chain to Germany look like?

The first quality control takes place on the vessel, directly when the king crabs are caught. To be suitable for consumption, the shell of the king crab must be evenly red-brown on the top and milky white on the underside. The crab is caught alive, its shell must not have any wounds, discoloration or scratches and no legs or scissors must be missing. Crabs that do not meet these requirements are put back into the water.

In the processing facilities of the harbours, the king crabs are prepared for sale and further transportion. It takes less than 24 hours from processing in Norway to their arrival at European gourmet restaurants and further points of sale. We personally selected our suppliers on site and convinced ourselves of the quality. The goods are regularly inspected and, thanks to a closed cold chain, are kept permanently fresh.

Enjoy an incomparable taste experience.

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